body riches wellness centre


The Body Riches Training Centre offers exceptional, in-house training and consultancy for massage and spa businesses. 

Have your staff visit our beautiful and specialized training school for a private and tailored training or have us come to you! 

Gay Riches, founder and Director of The Body Riches Wellness Centre and Training School has a long and exceptional reputation of excellence, meticulous attention to detail and professionalism during more than 30 years of teaching in the massage industry. He passion and zone of genius lies in teaching, inspiring and ups killing other massage therapist. 

“All our staff consistently come back from trainings with Gay; confident and passionate about their work...” 

- Emersion Floatation Spa 


Why Body Riches? 

Our priority as a Perth based massage training centre is to train the most skillful, appropriately qualified and successful massage therapists in the industry. 

Our training consultation is of the highest quality and specifically tailored to your business’ requirements. Our passion is elevating your business. 

Why up-skill your staff? 

The people that your business employs are your investment. The more you put into this investment, the bigger the payoff you will achieve. 

Putting a focus on learning not only benefits your clients and each individual member of your team, but ensured that you retain talent and keeps your team motivated and engaged. 

Team development allows you to expand your team’s skills while using the best techniques for the best results. Doing this boosts staff proficiency and loyalty, which equates to higher client satisfaction! 


Massage/Spa Consultancy 

Specifically tailored to your business requirements. half day/one day/two day trainings available. 

 + Trigger point therapy, deep tissue and injury. Includes therapeutic stretches. 

+ Swedish massage. Extensive and thorough full body massage sequence. 

+ Pregnancy massage training. Contraindications, acupressure points, safe essential oil 

usage, lateral body massage sequence. 

+ Hot stone massage. Therapeutic and relaxation techniques. Offered at Body Riches 

Training School only, unless you have your own hot stone equipment. 


Private Training 

If you would like a more private and tailored experience as an individual. Open to individuals and groups. 

+ Perfect for corporate team building, groups of friends, hens parties, or if you just want a 

more personalized experience. 

+ Trigger point massage/deep tissue course 

+ Swedish massage course 

+ Pregnancy massage course 

+ Aromatherapy course 


Government and Corporate Training 


Tailored hands on massage trainings, seminars and lectures on a wide range of massage and related topics. 

Examples of past government trainings: 

+ National Grief and Trauma Conference Perth. Relationship of grief and trauma in the physical body. How massage can be used as a support for release and working with tissue that is storing and holding trauma. (Interactive powerpoint presentation - 2011) 

+ Relationships Australia Aboriginal Services. Small group training for Relationships Australia Facilitators to teach clients basic massage, nurturing and de-stressing techniques. (Hands on and theory based training) 


Testimonials & Feedback 

Gay is a fantastic teacher; she came down to our Spa and did private group training for the Level 2 massage course for our Day Spa. She did a one day intensive training with all of us and it really helped with our confidence as Massage Therapists. Her knowledge and passion for massage therapy is vast and inspiring. Our clients have since been reaping the rewards of her training!! I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone looking for short massage course to further their knowledge and skill base within the industry. Thanks Gay Brooke Carter – Spa Manager | 11-25-2011 Empire Spa, Yallingup 

What I loved about the in house training with Gay was how easy it was for all our staff to follow and understand by all of our staff. Gay was warm and friendly and more importantly passionate about what she teaches. She obviously loves what she does and that in turn is very inspiring for us. Julianna Horvath, Director/Owner. Liomones spa. 2020 

All our staff consistently come back from trainings with Gay, confident and passionate about their work and learning new modalities. Whether its the Pregnancy training, relaxation or deep tissue, they come back passionate, and these are the staff that stay with us ! We also appreciate the benefit of teaching the girls how to look after themselves. Emma and Jerry, Directors/Owners Emersion Flotation spa. 2019 

Gay very kindly offered her services to provide massage training to a group of our volunteers. These volunteers give hand and foot massages as part of their role in supporting our Palliative Care patients and so the training was incredibly helpful to them. Gay was professional, informative, gave easy to follow instructions whilst creating a very enjoyable environment. I can't recommend her highly enough. Kay McIntyre, Volunteer Coordinator, Bethesda Health Care. August 2016 

Bodyriches provided a tailor made massage training day for Relationships Australia WA's (RAWA) Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff who work with community. The training was designed to enhance RAWA's ability to work effectively and holistically with Aboriginal women who have experienced or are experiencing multiple traumas.The training was delivered professionally, in a wonderful environment conducive to the learning; both hands on and theoretical learning. RAWA would happily recommend Bodyriches to anyone wishing to access the services. By: Relationships Australia WA's (RAWA) | 11-21-2011 

We sent all our spa therapists to the Body Riches Massage Center for a private pregnancy massage course run by Gay. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of massage and the therapists feel extremely confident when performing pregnancy massage. I would highly recommend using the Body Riches as a training center. By: Misty (Museo Spa) | 11-21-2011