Advanced Movement Release Techniques - Perth. August 18th and 25

Advanced Movement Release Techniques - Perth. August 18th and 25

Advanced Massage Training

Movement Release Technique

This 2 day intensive course, held over two consecutive Sundays, will greatly benefit the therapist who is passionate about remedial and injury based massage. These new techniques are an innovative way of releasing tissue; have profound results and are less demanding on the therapist's body.

The focus will be on active and passive movement of the muscles while we apply deep tissue, stripping and trigger point therapy.

Adding movement to your remedial treatment will stimulate the neuromuscular feedback loop. This can provide a more effective, positive treatment result.

We will be looking at some of the muscle groups in the body that most commonly become tight and dysfunctional. These will include:

*Pectoralis Major and Minor * Scalenes * Psoas *Hamstrings *Piriformis

*ITB and Tensor Fascia Latae * Gluteus Minimus and Medius *Gastrocnemius

We will also be looking at the origins, insertions and actions of these muscles to better understand the role that they play in function and possible dysfunction in the body.

This training will be facilitated by: Rebekah Riches BSc (Chiro), BChiro, Dip Rem Massage. Rebekah has been facilitating advanced trainings for many years and has 17 years of remedial massage experience as well as being a chiropractor.She is so passionate about this technique that she continues to teach massage and brings a huge wealth of experience to this weekend advanced intensive.

For more information please contact us on :

0409 339 313 or (08) 62622667


Body Riches Training Centre - 302 South Tce, South Fremantle. 6162

Date:   Sunday 18th August and Sunday 25th August 2019

Time:   9am-6pm


-Concession price (please email or post a copy of your concession card):   $290

-Early bird price (if paid in full 2 weeks prior to start date):                       $310

-Full price:                                                                                           $350

* please note there is a further 10% off the price list if your enrollment is for 2 or more trainings.

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