Signature Spa Treatment

Signature Spa 30minutes ( extended time available on request)

10% discount for a double spa booking

Make the most of the Body Riches experience by adding on a spa package and prepare to luxuriate in the serene oasis that is our new private outdoor massage room with spa.

Wash away all your cares in a calming bath of flower petals and your own uniquely tailored aromatherapy blend while enjoying organic chocolates and herbal tea.

Spa treatments are the perfect complement to any of our massage treatments and are suitable for men, women, or couples.
Body Riches can upgrade your spa package to accommodate any desire. From fruit platters to fresh juices to champagne, to create the ultimate environment for any special event.
Speak to our dedicated spa coordinator to design your spa package today.

Please note: This room is an indoor/outdoor room, with the capacity to open up the room completely, or to close it down with heating for the colder months. The spa room is to the rear of the main clinic, with a separate entrance and a private high brushwood wall, with a beautiful entrance through antique Indian doors around the compound.

A truly unique exquisite experience.

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