Trigger Point/Deep tissue - Perth 2019

Advanced Massage Training -

Trigger-Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Referred Pain Patterns, Therapeutic Stretches.

This 20 hour certificate advanced massage training is available to anyone who has basic skills in Swedish massage.

The Level 2 training is presented as a hands-on workshop, giving the student extensive experience working with the client and commonly presented injury areas. This will provide the student with an excellent opportunity to expand their existing skill base and knowledge of injury and remedial massage.

We will be learning about specific injury areas, using techniques to assist you and your client with releasing soft tissue injury.

The focus of this training will be on Trigger-Point Therapy, including Deep Tissue techniques, therapeutic stretches, referred pain patterns and Sports Massage techniques.

A comprehensive course manual is also provided.


    Where:       Body Riches Centre: 302 South Terrace (corner of King William St)

                       South Fremantle                 


Dates for 2019:    Saturday and Sunday 

June 22/23

November 23/24


Time:      8.00 am  sharp to 6 pm

Lunch:     Bring a plate of food to share.


   What to bring:    

  • Loose comfortable clothing
  • Pen & Paper
  • 1 pillow
  • 3 towels ( 2 large and 1 small towel )
  • 1 single sheet


Cost:     $350 Full price

               $310  Special Early Bird Price if paid in full 2 weeks before the course

               $290 Genuine concession card holders (please send photo copy of card)

(SPECIAL 10% DISCOUNT off the price list: for 2 or more FULL course enrolments if paid in full 2 WEEKS BEFORE the start of your training)



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